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Champion Ram & Champion Ewe
Oregon State Fair
The Swan Ranch
St Croix Hair Sheep
Please contact us at our home in beautiful Glide, Oregon at the following address:

Steve & Jo Swan
Bill, Sue & Meg
The Swan Ranch
21034 N. Umpqua Highway
Glide, Oregon 97443

We have been raising St Croix Hair Sheep since 1991. Our original group of sheep were from Utah State University. We have since included bloodlines from the Gibson line in California, Milfont in Virginia, and AI bloodlines from the USDA Research Station on St Croix. Originally we selected the St Croix for their usefulness as dog-training sheep in California. Pleased with their ease of care, good hair coats and internal parasite resistance, we became active breeders. Going to shows has been fun meeting other owners and educating the public about this rare breed. We have been fortunate to be the premier exhibitor numerous times at the Oregon State Fair, the largest St Croix Sheep Show in the United States. We specialize in quality conformation, structural soundness and mothering ability.

We lost Josephine, our dear wife and mother, in March 2010 after a long battle with cancer. Her heart and soul lives on in her beloved St Croix flock.

Daughter Sue and Granddaughter Hana Unruh, have continued the Swan Ranch family tradition with their Pink Ladies Ranch (name courtesy of of Hana)St Croix sheep flock, winning the Champion Ewe at the Oregon State Fair 2010- 2012. They started the flock in 2010. Hana says that "Great-Bop (Josephine Swan) would be proud" and she's right!
We have a very nice selection of quality St Croix for sale.
Please contact us for a listing of the sheep that we currently are offering.

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